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We are a small, fresh minded IT company providing solutions to meet all the requirements of a school to benefit both staff and pupils. Our pride and passion for IT comes from the ability to offer the most cost-effective products to schools ensuring fluidity to your school day.  

We know happy staff = happy pupils, thats why its not business, its personal.

Size matters

Being a small business we have the flexibility to personalise every service and tailor the whole process to meet any and all requirements down to the nitty gritty. This also means you don't overspend, by our packages being as dynamic as you'd like, we wont advise an unnecessary product or service as we don't have salesmen, only Computer Magicians. 

Why use us


We Identify the key needs of a school through our unique and efficient evaluation process to determine how to customise the service and products. Every solution is different so there are many way we can supply  a service to work seamlessly with an existing product or service, provided by us or otherwise. Our service is most important, no automated phone lines. 

What we do

Our Services

IT Support

We offer a large range of support to schools.

-Block Hours

-Fully Managed

-Regular/ scheduled site visits 


Information and data are precious, especially in a school or college and with security scares on the news nearly daily, it's even more important to make sure you never lose a thing. With a comprehensive backup service, we minimises server downtime and give you rapid data access.

Disaster Recovery

Keep your business one step ahead of your rivals by making sure your IT system can cope with any set of events, however unexpected. Make plans now for business continuity and disaster recovery.


We offer a wide range of access solutions to schools, based on low contention and high speed.  Our complete range of connectivity solutions ranges from dedicated access and wide area networking using DSL and leased lines to wireless based technologies.

Repairs and Servicing

Sometimes even the very best IT equipment goes wrong. Whether you have a problem with a piece of equipment or the installation, our trained technicians are here to help get you back on track.

IT Consultancy

Our technical and business expertise – and knowledge of the education sector – adds real value at every stage of any IT project. And our proven track record for timely project delivery allied to our specialist IT knowledge will give your business so much more than mere management consultants ever could.

Network Cabling

specialise in installing network cabling infrastructures to carry voice and data information throughout the workplace. These networks comply with the EIA/TIA Industry standards for Category 5E and Category 6.


Even if you choose not to purchase products through Inspired, we can still install your hardware no matter how small or large the job is. After installation, we can also offer ongoing service and support, which will include regular maintenance on equipment, upgrades of software and any other service required.


Interactive Products

Smartboards, Genee and Interactive Tables and displays are all great tools for teaching and engaging pupils in a subject. They add the element of touch to a lesson creating a more dynamic, tangible learning environment


We can supply entire networks to provide fast streamline internet connections to minimise loading times and maximise time spent teaching within the classroom. This also ensures that staff can locate and utilise teaching resources without the burden of a slow connection. Cabled and Wireless networks are available and will make day to day school life less strenuous for all.


PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, Printers, access points and more, give both teachers and pupils access to greater teaching materials and will ensure the students have a strong understanding and IT literacy from a young age.


Software is just as vital as hardware, guaranteeing you have the right tools to use inside and out of lessons creates a clean, welcoming environment for you to work within be it emails, reminders, lesson plans to programs for the pupils to use and become versed and effective with.



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